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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  February 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. a very good wednesday morning. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm poppy harlow. it's a critical day for the republican party and its path forward. two congresswomen, two very different visions and values. and hours from now, republicans will hold a meeting to debate their fate. liz cheney is fighting to keep her leadership post after voting to impeach former president trump and freshman congresswoman marjorie taylor greene is fighting to keep her spot on the education committee despite pushing conspiracy theories and endorsing violence. the future of the party is at stake here.
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we're following all those headlines. >> and this. while democrats are moving forward without republicans to get americans' covid relief aid, the white house is ramping up vaccine efforts. the new plan, send vaccine doses to community pharmacies. it's an all-out push to get ahead of more fast-moving variants. but first, we begin on capitol hill. lauren fox is tracking the republican rift between trump loyalists, longstanding conservatives. lauren, where do we stand? you have two politicians' fate at stake here. marjorie taylor greene, but also liz cheney's leadership position. >> that's exactly right, jim. last night, we should note, kevin mccarthy, the minority leader in the house of representatives sat down for an hours-long meeting with marjorie taylor greene to talk about her future. we are told that the minority leader is still undecided about whether or not she will keep her post. but essentially we are learning from that meeting that marjorie
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taylor greene did not apologize for the past statements that she has made. i heard from one republican member of congress who told me, if she doesn't apologize and she doesn't back away from these theories that she has purported in the past, we have no other option except to remove her from her committees. now, meanwhile, democrats are going to hold a meeting today to begin the discussion about removing her from her committees by essentially having a vote on the house floor. that, of course, would be unusual. usually this is a decision that's made by house leadership. but this is all coming as republicans are expected to have a meeting this afternoon to discuss the future of liz cheney. she is, again, a member of leadership in the house republican conference, but she voted to impeach former president donald trump. and has frustrated many of her colleagues because she made that decision while being the conference chairwoman. now we expect that this meeting could be full of fireworks. it could take a lot of different
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paths. we do know that cheney has been talking with members, having conversations with members, trying to shore up her support going into that meeting. but a lot on the line. this is really about a juxtaposition. what is the republican party going to be? are they the party of marjorie taylor greene or are they the party of liz cheney. two very distinct visions and paths here, poppy and jim. >> lauren, thank you. stand by. we'll get back to you. let's bring in jamie gangel as well as former republican of pennsylvania, charlie dent. good to have you both here. lauren said it so well. which way do you go? it's a fork in the road, and your decision has a ton of consequences. and the question is, which is it going to be? i thought it was interesting, jamie, to hear south dakota republican john thune say this. do they want to be the party of limited government and fiscal responsibility, free markets, peace through strength and pro-life or the party of conspiracy theories and qanon? i think that's the decision
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they've got to face. it's a big distraction for them right now and not in a good way. if they don't strip marjorie taylor greene of her committee assignments, does the party not risk emboldening her the way that trump was emboldened by not being convicted of impeachment the first time and does it hurt the party, big picture, long term? >> i think that's absolutely correct. but it not only emboldens her, it emboldens that wing of the party. i just got some reporting this morning. i spoke to a source familiar -- republican source familiar with kevin mccarthy's meeting with marjorie taylor greene last night who told me that kevin mccarthy actually, in addition to trying to get her to apologize, tried to convince her to resign on her own from the committees, which was a
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nonstarter. and so that's where they are today. they had the steering committee meeting. that didn't go any place. there's talk of another steering committee meeting. but to your point, politically, big picture, absolutely this is a reckoning for the party. are they going to cling to donald trump? is kevin mccarthy going to go running down to mar-a-lago because he's worried about fundraising? or are they going to move past him? and i think the real answer is in a lot of republican swing districts, they will not win those seats. trump republicans may win primaries, but they won't win generals. >> charlie, the issue here with all this focus on green is that trump is not mentioned, isn't it? he's the 800-pound gorilla in the room. marjorie greene is a first term congresswoman.
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a lot of republicans willing to call her out but not do the same for trump. you can sanction greene all you want, but what's the importance to the direction of the party if it does not say, listen, trump, the conspiracy theorist in chief for four years, right, we disavow him as well. >> correct, jim. look, the republican party has to make a decision. i think mcconnell is right. i think liz cheney is right. the party needs to make a clean break from trump, and i would argue a clean break from trumpism. with all of its ugly populism, isolationism, protectionism, nialism. we need to make that break. that's how marjorie taylor greene is able to thrive because trumpism is able to thrive. so i think it's important that the republican party stand up right now and not only remove marjorie taylor greene from her committees but also eject her from the house republican conference and also tell her that we're going to work with the georgia gop to defeat her in
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the primary and that she should enjoy the rest of her time in congress. they have to be very strong on this. and defend liz cheney. they are making -- adam kinzinger is trying to lead a movement, as he should. he needs additional support. it just can't be adam kinzinger speaking. a guy who is a leader with no followers is just a guy taking a walk. we need to empower adam kinzinger and those who want a new direction for the party that is much more socially tolerant, constructively engaged on the domestic and international stage and embracing markets, developing policy solutions that are outside of their comfort zone on issues like climate change or immigration. so time to make the break. >> why, jamie, is it so hard for kevin mccarthy to make this decision? he doesn't really want to make it. the subcommittee is going to make the decision. you either think the party should go this way or you don't. i don't know what there is to debate for hours in the meeting?
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>> i think charlie can probably answer that question pretty bluntly about kevin mccarthy. look, the things that you hear from members about kevin mccarthy is that he wants to please everyone. that he -- >> wants to be speaker, right? >> and he wants to be speaker. and right now, it seems that he has -- he went running down to see trump but that he's gotten on the same side as the freedom caucus. jim jordan, andy biggs, matt gates and that is very much the anti-liz cheney. the other thing that some people may not realize is that those same freedom caucus members endorsed marjorie taylor greene. so kevin mccarthy has to decide
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which side he's on. he hasn't really shown an ability to do that. >> listen, the party has to make a calculation as to what side the voter is on as well, right? and there's a real split there, although it seems the voters stick with the trump wing. charlie, jamie, stick around. we have more questions for you. let's bring back lauren fox. the other big thing, still, waiting to happen on the hill today is a power-sharing deal among republicans and democrats. listen, it's 50-50 but with the vp breaking the tie, democrats are the majority. what's holding up a rules-setting deal here so they can get on to other business? >> it has been weeks, jim, that we have been waiting for an agreement that would officially shift over who controls the committee's gavels. that's obviously very important because those committees are setting the agenda for when biden's nominees can move through. and there are different relationships on these committees. some committee chairs have allowed the nominations to advance even though democrats
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don't technically control the committees anymore. but this is becoming a major problem in the judiciary committee where we are still waiting on that confirmation hearing for biden's nominee for attorney general merrick garland. you heard lindsey graham, the current chairman of that committee, saying that he is not going to hold a hearing on monday because he thinks this should be a two-day hearing. they are starting the impeachment trial on tuesday. therefore, he thinks this is not a good time to hold that confirmation hearing. that's significant. so we're still waiting on this agreement between mcconnell and schumer. i am told they are at the end of these negotiations, but there is a belief that mcconnell is dragging his feet to make this take longer and longer. and, obviously, throwing up those traps makes it very difficult for democrats to do the work that they need to to get biden's nominees in place. >> okay, lauren, thank you for that. let's bring jamie and charlie back in. charlie, you know, we -- i just
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wonder why it's been such a hold-up to get a power-sharing agreement and also, if you are at all surprised there's not been a bigger stink made about it. technically, you still have the republicans running these committees then, right? >> right. look, they need to adopt something close to -- the senate needs to adopt something close to the model that was reached by the agreement reached by trent lott and tom daschle back in 2001, where i believe at that time, ties went to the majority. so in the committee if there was a tie vote, the bill or nomination would then move to the floor. so they need to come up with that agreement relatively quickly. it can be done. if they could do it in 2001, they can do it now. i get it life is a lot different today than it was then, but it shouldn't be that hard to reach that type of agreement and they should do it asap. >> jamie gangel, all this talk in washington and that was biden's message in the campaign and on inauguration day.
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of course, you know, forgive me for questioning the sincerity on the other side given that this has been a very partisan town for some time. i'm curious where the politics are. do republicans and democrats have a political motivation here to compromise on, for instance, like a rules-sharing agreement but also, really, the principal question on covid relief. where do the politics push them right now? >> there's no question on covid relief. every city, every state, red or blue, people are suffering. so you would think at the very least that they could come to some agreement on that. i think that the politics still very much depend on what's left over of donald trump and the last four years and just how tight that margin is.
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yes, the democrats have it and with one vote by kamala harris, if she needs to do it, but the republicans are not going to give up an inch of power easily. and we saw them play hardball on merrick garland. i just think that it's -- we still have a long way to go. maybe an impossible way to go for unity. >> twice playing hard ball on merrick garland, just for the record. >> that's a very good point. charlie, first of all, congratulations on your new role with the aspen institute, leading their effort on this and their focus on congress. but you left. i mean, you left. jeff flake left. rob portman is leaving. it does seem like there's less and less excitement for the fundamental sort of values of being a republican. at least within the party these
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days. is the party really as excited about small government, about debt reduction, about globalization issues, about being hawkish on foreign policy. it doesn't -- i mean, with the marjorie taylor greene thing it doesn't seem like that's what excites a lot of the party anymore. >> absolutely, poppy. what i noticed during my time and what frustrated me so much, because of donald trump and this whole cult of personality, and i said it at the time. the party head become about a loyalty test to one man rather than to a given set of principles or ideals. and because of donald trump's outsized presence, he prevented us from having these robust policy discussions about what the party should be. where we should stand on the issues. and really we're now dealing with a hangover from all of this because we're having to deal with the aftermath of the insurrection and we can't even -- republicans can't even have serious policy discussions until we somehow address just what happened during this dark
6:15 am
period. it's very difficult. i can think of all sorts of issues where we should be engaging on great debates. it's hard to have the conversation when we're still trying to figure out whether or not we should be embracing qanon conspiracy theorists and other nuts like that. >> yeah, it's -- you're right. it sucks up a lot of oxygen in the room. that would then, you think, accelerate decisions? we'll see. jamie gangel, charlie dent, thanks to both of you. >> thank youp. still to come -- democrats are pushing ahead with president biden's larger coronavirus relief bill with or without republican support. is there still room for negotiation? will republicans come on board? plus, how one mother climbed out of qanon's conspiracy theory rabbit hole. a remarkable report and face-to-face discussion ahead. and capitol police officer brian sicknick was killed
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this valentine's day, find the gift... ♪ that makes your love shine... ♪ even brighter. ♪ zales. the diamond store. democrats really still pushing to go big on their stimulus bill. economic relief. with or without republican support. soon president biden will speak with democratic lawmakers about what remains, jim, a $1.9 trillion relief package. >> and there are some democrats
6:21 am
who don't support that size. joe manchin among them has pushed for something smaller. there is a caucus within the party to push for some sort of compromise, if possible. jeremy diamond is at the white house with more. jeremy, we're hearing that biden will meet with senate majority leader schumer and democratic committee leaders. much basis, but there's a story circulating among republicans that biden wants the compromise. he's being pushed in this direction by schumer, pelosi and others. what are you hearing? where does the white house stand on this, and is there still room for compromise? >> both things can be true here. we have heard president biden repeatedly in public and in private talking about his desire for bipartisanship. his desire for unity and to actually reach across the aisle and work with republicans. we saw him do that in practice when he invited earlier this week, the group of ten republican senators over here to the white house to talk about that $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. at the same time, president
6:22 am
biden is also mindful of the current -- of the democratic power in washington right now. there's a reason why democrats won the senate majority with those races in georgia and they are going to use that power. and so that is where we see president biden now approaching things. he is still open to working with republicans to having discussions. we heard jen psaki yesterday pointing out that even as they move forward with his budget reconciliation process, republicans will have input, offer up amendments and to continue having some technical discussions about the bill. but the framework of the bill, the broad outlines of this $1.9 trillion package, as of now, it appears that's going to be what it's going to be. as this white house moves forward. and while we saw those bipartisan talks earlier this week, the optics of today are much different, of course. with president biden not only dialing in to that 9:45 a.m. call, the house democratic caucus called this morning in about 20 minutes time and also meeting in the oval office sitting down with democratic
6:23 am
leaders in the senate to hash out this path forward. so it is clear that the white house is moving forward with this. there will likely be some changes to this $1.9 trillion package, but it does appear they are moving forward with this and the broad outlines of the bill are pretty much set. >> jeremy diamond at the white house, thanks so much. the biden administration is also focused on ramping up vaccine distribution. boosting the number of doses given to states by an additional 5%. this coming as cvs and walgreens, the private pharmacy chains, will begin giving shots next week, much like we often go for our flu shots. >> i can't wait to see that moment. kristen holmes is following the latest from washington. that could make a really big difference to have cvs and walgreens administering these. the biden administration says these vaccines will go directly to them. what more do we know? is it like every one on every
6:24 am
corner? >> good morning. not quite. i want to note here, you're right. this could make a huge difference. also makes a conference in sup difference in supply. they were sending a chunk of their allocated vaccines to these pharmacies. now they have a larger supply to send to different medical providers and to have overall. let's take a look at what this retail pharmacy plan will look like here. you have cvs and walgreens starting next week. cvs will start on february 11th. walgreens on february 12th. cvs is going to deliver expected about 250,000 doses whereas walgreens is about 170,000 doses. this goes to your question, poppy, of where this is going to be. i want to pull up a map so you can see this. our viewers can see where this is. cvs is starting just in 11 states. they have plans to expand, and then you have 15 jurisdictions that walgreens is in. just to quickly run through, you know, in terms of cvs, you have california, connecticut, hawaii,
6:25 am
maryland, massachusetts, engine engineers rhode island, south carolina, texas and the only difference is it's obviously different states but also jurisdictions when it comes to walgreens. they're also adding in new york city, chicago and puerto rico. now, of course, all of this is part of that effort to boost not only distribution but administration. they want to get those shots into arms. i want to pull up the latest numbers here so that we have them. we're still really far behind. 52.7 million doses distributed. but only 32.8 million actually administered. the goal there is to ramp up that administration number. >> for sure. kristen, thank you for that reporting. coming up, a story you have to see. a mother and a former qanon follower explains how her belief in these conspiracy theories impacted her life and her 4-year-old daughter. >> instantly, i went into panic
6:26 am
mode. i had to call my mom. i told her, we're all going to die. we're going to be owned by china. i might have to pull my daughter out of school because they're going to take her. >> goodness, lord, how that disinformation spreads. plus moments away from the opening bell on wall street. stock futures mixed this morning. s&p 500 futures trending slightly higher after some strong earnings from google's parent company alphabet and amazon. the future stid to the nasdaq and dow are flat. they are monitoring negotiations around the coronavirus relief package. we'll continue to watch the markets and bring you any breaking news developments. sales are down from last quarter but we are hoping things will pick up by q3. yeah...uh... doug? sorry about that. umm...
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just about an hour from now, congressional lawmakers will pay respects to officer brian sicknick. sicknick took an oath to uphold the constitution. he lost his life doing just that. >> that's exactly right. a big honor. well deserved for him today. he died as a result of the january 6th mob attack on the u.s. capitol. this is after a rioter hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher. sicknick joined the capitol police in 2008. well known to lawmakers and staff and others who passed through the building's doors every day. we're going to bring you next hour to this special ceremony honoring his life. you'll see it all live right
6:32 am
here. federal authorities recently raided the homes of two men who sponsored an intense rally near the u.s. capitol the day before that january 6th attack. >> and these are the first known search warrants involving people who organized and spoke at rallies that preceded the insurrection. josh campbell joins us from washington this morning. this is interesting because it is a turn. it's not just looking at the people who actually broke into the capitol. it's looking at people who held events preceding it. >> that's right. it appears federal authorities are opening the aperture of their investigation. this new reporting from our colleagues paul murphy and marshall cohen. indicating that the fbi recently raided properties associated with two men who organized this invective-laced rally that took place one day before the capitol attack here in washington. now an fbi spokesperson says that federal agents executed search warrants at two properties in orange county, california.
6:33 am
public records indicate those properties belong to russell taylor and alan hostatter, well known conspiracy theorists. qanon movement, the deep state myth and so on. footage from the rally that took place on the day before the attack shows them just spewing this militant violent rhetoric, talking about the members there should prepare for war tomorrow. against members of congress. it's worth pointing out neither man has been charged with any crimes at this point, but it is worth noting this appears to be the first known federal action against people linked to rallies associated with that capitol attack. >> you have said, josh, previously on this broadcast, that this is the biggest fbi investigation since 9/11 in terms of scope across the country. what do these arrests related to a rally the day before january 6th tell us about where the fbi is taking this investigation? how broadly and what its targets are here? >> we know this is a resource intensive investigation.
6:34 am
our sources telling us they report is seen an investigation like this inside the fbi since 9/11. all 56 field offices involved and members -- the people that took part in this insurrection fled afterwards. they're now being rounded up by federal authorities. but what i think this tells people out there, especially those who may have been associated with this attack is that a federal investigators are not just looking for people inside the capitol. it appears as though they are now broadening this investigation to possibly look at those who may have incited violence and just this very fact, you look at the calendar. the men who had their homes raided, they weren't part of, that we know of, the attack inside the capitol. their rally occurred the day before. but, of course, investigators looking at whether that gathering may have incited the violence that occurred. authorities opening that aperture. there may be more people in their crosshairs than just the attackers at the capitol. >> really interesting and important. josh campbell, thank you for the great reporting as always. sources tell cnn that house republican leader kevin mccarthy is going to try to cut a deal
6:35 am
with majority leader steny hoyer today to head off a floor vote on the fate of georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. democrats and several republicans are calling for the qanon conspiracy theorist to be stripped of her committee assignments. >> she has spouted many debunked conspiracy theories from qanon. a group that gathered millions of followers through social media. cnn's donie o'sullivan spoke to a south carolina mother who was a follower but now calls it a dangerous political movement. great view from the inside. >> when president biden was sworn in -- >> i joseph robinette biden -- >> -- i was crying. i mean, i couldn't stop. that ugly cry that you do. it kept going. oh, my gosh. i'm seeing the funeral of our country. instantly, i went into panic mode. i had to call my mom. and i just told her, we're all going to die. we're going to be owned by china. i might have to pull my daughter out of school because they're going to take her. i was scared to death. >> reporter: ashley vanderbilt,
6:36 am
a south carolina mom who lost her job early in the pandemic fell deep down the qanon conspiracy theory rabbit hole before november's election. >> how did you get into this world and go down this rabbit hole? >> well, i started seeing tiktoks, and i didn't know it was conspiracy things. i just thought it was -- they were telling me something that nobody else knew. then i'd reach out to different friends of mine that were bigger trump supporters. i would say, you know, i saw this on tiktok, what do you think? and they'd start sending me youtube videos, different facebook live videos, and one thing led to another. i went down this rabbit hole learning all this stuff. what have we heard the last four, five years. don't watch the news. fake news, fake news. i don't watch the news. i don't read newspapers. i don't do anything. i've always been someone that you just tell me what to do, and i do it. i grew up being told we were republican so i've always been that straight red ticket. >> how do you think videos like this started showing up in your feed? >> originally, i was just
6:37 am
following entertainment stuff. some time when people started campaigning, i started liking a lot of trump posts and things that were anti-biden. and the algorithm must have brought that kind of stuff to me. >> right before the inauguration, you didn't think joe biden was going to be sworn in. >> no, i expected a blackout and nothing to work so we wouldn't see anything. the assumption would be that most of the democratic leaders there, quite a few of the republican leaders, all the hollywood elite that attended, they'd all be arrested. the military is going to haul them off. they said that trump opened back up guantanamo bay and the military would run the country, put us in martial law because the left had become too unhinged and would be a danger to us and trump would come back when the government was rebuilt. i know it sounds crazy. >> but you believed this? >> i did. >> and then biden got sworn in. >> uh-huh. >> how did you feel? >> i was devastated.
6:38 am
>> the belief that biden would not be inaugurated was wrong. ashley realized she had bought into a conspiracy theory. >> i was wrong. >> how do you feel now knowing that you believed all this stuff? >> it's weird. i think i spent a lot of time this year isolated from everybody. i've been home a lot. i lost my job last april in 2020, and i was super depressed. and i think in a way, i probably lost touch with a little bit of reality in that -- almost that common sense. and so i am not so much embarrassed for what i believed, but i mean, i feel foolish. stressed out all the time so my home life with my 4-year-old, i feel i had a lot less patience with her. there would be times where i'd just snap and get so upset with her. so i've apologized to her a lot for, i'm sorry for even getting hateful toward you. it's not you. it's me. i've got my own stuff going on. >> you must be happy that for your daughter's sake you've been able to get out of this? >> yeah, she needs her mom, and
6:39 am
i wasn't 100% there like i should have been. >> a spokesperson for tiktok said the company is committed to countering misinformation and content promoting qanon is not allowed on its platform. after finding qanon true tiktok, ashley said the only thing that may have pulled her out of it before the inauguration was if trump spoke out against it. >> i was the biggest trump supporter there was. if he were to have said something, and if he were to just say, q is illegitimate. nothing is real in there, i think some people would leave. maybe not all the people, but i think it would have helped a lot. >> it would have helped you? >> uh-huh. i thought the world of him. if he said, that's not real, i'm not coming back, it is over, i would have believed him. >> i give her so much credit for speaking so candidly to you about this and hopefully it helps others. but she made really clear. former president trump could have changed all of this. >> absolutely. i mean, she said he -- she idolized him. she also told me she's a
6:40 am
religious person, a christian and she was worried at points she was putting trump above god. he was an idol and, obviously, we have seen trump not condemn this movement, but instead praise their supporters and retweet prominent qanon accounts. >> listen, maybe it shows a path to deradicalizing, right, which was a concern with international terrorism. we'll see if there's a path forward with domestic terrorism. republicans going through extraordinary measures to restrict voting in several states. it's not by accident. right now, more than 100 bills are moving through state legislatures. the motivation behind it, ahead. ♪ hey you, yeah you.
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we have breaking news on what looks to be an imment power-sharing agreement between democrats and republicans in the senate which has been long awaited, jim. >> just discussing with lauren fox, this is her reporting. she has more on this. do we know how they settled these disputes? >> they've essentially been haggling over this for weeks. they were basically just a few sticking points left. but as we have reported, the minority leader mitch mcconnell, according to democrats, was dragging his feet in these negotiations. and they finally have reached some kind of an agreement in principle. we expect it to be announced very shortly, but i will tell you this is something that started to stand in the way of president joe biden's agenda and his ability to get his cabinet nominees confirmed. as we talked about earlier, lindsey graham was the de facto chairman of the senate judiciary committee, and he was arguing he didn't want to hold a confirmation hearing for biden's
6:46 am
attorney general nominee merrick garland because he wanted it to be a two-day process. because they were starting the impeachment trial on tuesday. he said it wasn't enough time. this agreement would unlock the ability for democrats to finally chair the committees. now the question is how quickly can they move this agreement on the floor? it does require some consent from all 100 senators to fast track this once they actually get ready to hold the vote. it's just 60 votes required. but essentially the question becomes, how many members would stand in the way of moving this quickly? we don't have that answer yet but an agreement in principle has been reached and we expect an announcement shortly. >> lauren fox, thanks for the reporting. we know you'll have more. stay with us. we'll be back after a short break. ove than ever. a new goddess is here to help cupid. and make love shine even brighter. say hello to valentina. and find your valentine's day gifts at zales. the diamond store.
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welcome back. a pro trump lawyer who pushed baseless voter fraud cons conspiracies in court is now the subject of a voter fraud investigation in the state of georgia. secretary of state's office there is now investigating whether the attorney lynwood was a legal resident when he voted there in november. >> false fraud claims are now fueling gop efforts to roll back, to restrict voter access. more than 100 gills that would restrict voting are moving through several state legislatures. joining us, john avlon, cnn senior political analysts. state legislatures in 28 states pursuing 106 bills that would restrict voting access. i found the comments of a republican from georgia kind of speaking with her outside voice here that gets at the
6:52 am
motivation. she said they don't have to change all of them, the election laws, but they've got to change the major parts of them so we at least have a shot at winning. does that reveal the motivation behind this, that this is about more voting equals more democrats voting? >> 100%. that was the gop chair of gwinnett county in georgia. she said the quiet part out loud, they need to put the changes so republicans would have a shot at winning. it's about trying to raise the bar for participation and make it more difficult. specifically it's about things like requiring automatic absentee ballots to be cast for people over 75, just really make it more difficult for more people to participate. that's the constant pattern we are seeing across these various states. in some cases republicans trying to overturn rules they passed in earlier iterations. it's impossible to look at this honestly and not see an attempt to rig the system. as you pointed out, it's exxon sper see theory bootstrapping
6:53 am
which is to say they're ripping off the president's repeated claims of voter fraud and saying that confusion requires reticketing the number of people voting. >> and getting rid of drop off boxes. this would be, if they're successful, rolling back almost all of what stacey abrams was able to do over the last six years. do you think they'll be successful in doing that? who is going to decide here? >> this is a case of a republican legislature trying to muzzle -- in fact, trying to overturn or undo what space zee abrams did very successfully, to help flip the state in the senate vote, says all you need to know. i think ultimately this is about a discomfort with a full participation in democracy. the voters ultimately get their call. the fact that so many state legislatures are controlled by republicans, trying to put their
6:54 am
thumb on the scale to retain power, speaks to the deeper problem in our politics right now. a lot of false claims about voter fraud, to justify moves that are naked power grabs trying to restrict the number of people who vote and participate. >> even conservatives have called this out. george will has called it straight-up voter suppression. state legislatures have enormous power to set these rules. can they be challenged in court by democrats? >> they can be challenged in court. there's a long history of voter suppression being pushed through in the south in particular, and on the counterveiling force, also, democrats trying to push forward the for the people act, hr-1 in the house and senate to try to enshrine a lot of voting rights that have been eroded over the years, including automatic voter registration. these two state level versus federal level efforts are on a collision course. it speaks to the larger thing we need to deal with as a country which is to strengthen our
6:55 am
democracy, strengthen the guardrails. we've seen the evidence of why it's needed in recent years. >> we know, john avlon, you'll be keeping them honest all along with your reality checks it's important people know it's happening and happening right now. >> absolutely. thanks, guys. next hour, an officer killed in the u.s. capitol attack will be honored inside that very building there, the very building he took an oath to protect, died protecting. we're going to take you there live for a solemn ceremony next.
6:56 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> it is the top of the hour. we've got a big significant hour ahead. we're glad you're with us. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. we're following breaking news
7:00 am
this hour from the senate where senate majority leader chuck schumer made an announcement that a power-sharing agreement between the two parties has been reached. here is what he said just moments ago. >> i am happy to report this morning that the leadership of both parties have finalized the organizing resolution for the senate. we will pass the resolution through the senate today which means that committees can promptly set up and get to work with democrats holding the gavels. >> also today, critical moment for the republican party. the future of the gop really hanging on the fate of two congresswomen, both right now facing rebuke for strikingly different reasons. liz cheney because she voted her conscience in voting to impeach former president trump, and marjorie taylor greene who has continued to push dangerous conspiracy theories. republicans are split over what should happen next wit


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